What is it?

An extraordinary story of men and mountains and the charm of the symbolic objects of more than 100 years of mountain climbing, told using up to date modern multimedia technology.

Using texts, images, videos, interactive options, and artefacts from different time periods, each of the “stations” at the observatory will help you to learn more about the events, adventures, places and characters who have been a part of the international story of mountaineering over the last 100 years.
Mountaineering in Lecco is something Italy can be proud of, recognised and admired around the world, but on a local level, more than anything else, it is our cultural and social heritage, which has belong to us for a long time and which we are happy and proud to share with everybody who comes to walk and climb in our mountains.
The observatory is right in the heart of Lecco, on the third floor of the Palazzo delle Paure, which is one of the most important museums and houses some of the best exhibitions in the city.

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